Kerala – God’s Own Country

Kerala And It's Mesmerizing Beauty

If you wish to explore Kerala then you will never regret it. This southwestern coastal state of India is known for its amazing beauty that attracts millions of tourists worldwide. It stretches for almost 580 km along the Malabar Coast. This means that the state constitutes just 1 percent of the whole area of India.

As you see on the map, Kerala is bordered by the states of Karnataka to the north, Tamil Nadu to the east while the south and the west are washed by the Arabian Sea. The capital is Thiruvananthapuram or Trivardrum.

Spectacular Views of Kerala

There are stunning landscapes in Kerala including mountains, beaches, valleys. This state is rich in flora and fauna which is the number one reason why it is so popular. Not only do Indians prefer holidays in Kerala but also a large number of foreigners. Everybody who visits this state admires its hospitality, food and the unique atmosphere.

Here the climate is just amazing all year round which makes it one of the most preferred visited and favorable holiday destinations in the whole world. All people, from young to old, honeymooners and families, love Kerala and dream of visiting it again and again after their first experience.

Things to Do in Kerala

Discover the beauty of life and listen to the symphony of nature, jungles, and mountains by visiting Kerala. Some people compare Kerala to Sri Lanka, as well due to its relaxed nature. It is green, lush, filled with wildlife, cooler hills and full of tea fields. Kerala is famous for its backwaters including lakes and canals that stretch over 900 kilometers. Simply google Kerala and the first thing that will pop up on your screen will such houseboat on the backwaters:

Whenever you visit Kerala, the first thing you’ll want to do is leaving everything behind and climbing a mountain. Ecotourism is very popular here and a lot of nature enthusiasts come to explore this experience. Munnar is a great destination for those who love outdoors. The Idukki Forest Walk and the Kannan Devan Hills trail will be just incredible experience for everybody.

1. Walking through the woods

Whenever you visit Kerala, the first thing you’ll want to do is leaving everything behind and climbing a mountain. Ecotourism is very popular here and a lot of nature enthusiasts come to explore this experience. Munnar is a great destination for those who love outdoors. The Idukki Forest Walk and the Kannan Devan Hills trail will be just incredible experience for everybody.

2. Ayurveda Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your soul, mind and the whole body through Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatments. Sometimes Ayurveda is also called yoga’s sister science. It is 5000 years old and aims to bring balance as well as heal a person’s soul. Ayurveda means a science of life; Ayur = life and veda = knowledge, science.

According to Ayurveda, nothing can heal you than your mind. So, if you visit Kerala, just indulge in Ayurvedic session because your vacation can be incomplete without it. Be sure to find many Ayurveda resorts where the specialists use natural herbs and oil in order to help you get rid of tension. As a result, you relax the mind and the whole body. Simply get some incredible massage sessions in one of the resorts and you will certainly appreciate this experience.

3. Houseboat Cruise

This is just a blissful thing to do. Through the backwaters of Kerala, you will have a totally different experience. Haven’t you gone cruising in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala? If not, then it’s best time to do it. If yes, then you will surely want to indulge in it again and again. Pre book your cruise and you will see that that it was worth it. During your houseboat cruise, you will have a chance to admire the lush green landscape, taste awesome dishes and feel so fresh while traveling through the tranquil backwaters. Don’t miss out this chance!

4. Visit a tea plantation

Kerala is especially known for its breathtaking oasis of tea plantations. The never-ending canvas of the freshest tea will certainly leave you speechless. This means that a visit here is a must which will give you a great chance of tasting the freshest tea ever. Besides trying, you can also carry home your favorite types and flavors of tea from the shop!

5. Watch a Kathakali Show

Add a unique touch of culture to your tour by watching a Kathakali show. Kathakali is a traditional dance and in order to catch this performance, you can visit the famous Kerala Kathakali Centre. Through impressive makeup, colorful costumes, the dancers portray ancient stories. So if you want to enjoy an enchanting night and indulge in one of the best things to do in Kerala, hurry up to watch the Kathakali performance.

If you’re short on time in India then you are highly recommended to take a tour in Kerala and try these wonderful things to do. Be sure that you will have an easy and relaxing time when you take such a tour.

North Kerala

Kerala has been divided into North Kerala and South Kerala. North Kerala is a very peaceful part of the state. Here you can find amazing hidden treasures including breathtaking beaches, lush green nature, hills, rivers, and backwaters. Seafood, coffee and spice plantations also add a unique touch to the cultural richness of the region. The most popular places of North Kerala are those:

1. Banasura Sagar Dam

Thanks to its awesome wildlife attractions, Banasura Sagar Dam is one of the the major tourist attractions. The Banasura Lake creates a stunning landscape which leaves much impact on all tourists from every part of the world.

2. Guruvayur Temple – Holy abode of Vishnu

This is a famous Krishna temple dedicated to the Hindu God Guruvayurappan. This is considered to be a pilgrimage where only Hindus are allowed. Moreover, visitors must wear a traditional dress when visiting this popular temple. Having religious importance this temple creates just a peaceful environment.

4. Chembra Peak – The highest peak in Wayanad

North Kerala is also known for the Chembra Peak is one of the most visited places located in the Wayanad district in Kerala. All nature lovers dream of visiting this hilly terrain. Tourists come for rock climbing and other activities. If you also visit Chembra Peak, you will just admire the mesmerizing views of pristine lakes and valleys.

5. Silent Valley – Rich storehouse of biodiversity

This is also considered to be one of must-visit places when travelling in northern Kerala. Having the most varied biodiversity, this region has almost 100 species of flowering plants and orchids. It is a part of the Silent Valley National Park. Silent Valley is rich in flora and fauna with hundreds of species of birds, animals and butterflies. So if you are interested in exotic species, then hurry up to visit Silent Valley.

6.Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala

Are you interested in wildlife? Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top destinations of Kerala that is famous for its eco-tourism and exotic wildlife species. Being home to a number of eco-tourism areas including Tholpetty and Muthanga, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary has already become a preferred holiday destination. Here you can see rare species like elephants, monkeys, leopards, bears, tigers and guars. Moreover, the stunning species of butterflies, birds and fishes will also leave you admired.

South Kerala

Southern Kerala consists of all the major cities as well as the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Here you can find temples of Kerala known to everybody worldwide. There are also many lakes, palaces and museums. So besides cool beaches, you can make your trip more educating. This is such a region that is worth visiting no matter how short you are in India. Let’s dive into its breathtaking places!

1. Padmanabhaswamy Temple 

As a highly visited temple in the whole region, Padmanabhaswamy Temple is known for its history in the Hindu culture. It’s worth mentioning that this temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu and has a very unique statue of Lord Vishnu in a sleeping posture. This temple is incredibly beautiful. It is believed that the Padmanabhaswamy Temple is home to a lot of treasures and gold guarded by heavy doors.


2. Neyyar Dam & Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated on Neyyar river, Neyyar Dam is considered to be a popular spot in Trivandrum. If you visit this Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary you will come across many species of animals. Being rich in flora and fauna, the wildlife sanctuary attracts all photographers and nature enthusiasts. You can have guided tours here and enjoy the wildlife. Here you can also find the elephant rehabilitation center.

3. Poovar Island

Poovar Island is a small yet attractive fishing village. It has been a popular trade and shipping centre for timber, sandalwood and spices. Moreover, there are also various holiday villas located 35 km from Thiruvananthapuram. If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination, then choose Poovar Island and enjoy its awesome beauty.

4. Gavi – An eco-tourist Spot in Kerala

Being popular due to its charming beauty and lush forests, Gavi is a great eco-tourism hub. It is on the bucket list of many travelers. It’s because this is one of must-visit spots in southern Kerala. Known for its wonderful flora and fauna, Gavi is home of the endangered species including Lion-tailed macaque and Nilgiri Tahr. There are vivid waterfalls, lush green plantations full of rare bird species like the woodpecker, great pied hornbills and kingfisher. So whether you want to indulge in bird watching activities, night camps, or treks, Gavi will never disappoint you.

5. Vaikom – Famous pilgrimage center in Kottayam

Vaikom is a small yet quiet picturesque village. This can be a perfect tourist destination thanks to its fascinating backwaters. There are also many old-world attractions that are known for their marvelous beauty. If you visit here with your family, be sure that Vaikom will provide you with a calm and unbelievable place where you will certainly enjoy the stunning beauty.

Plan Your Holidays in Kerala

Now that many places are sorted out, you can plan your holidays in North and South Kerala without any hesitation. This picturesque region will always remain in your heart. Once you visit Kerala, it will touch your soul and you will have a desire to come back over and over again. Many people plan to spend their vacations in Kerala because it has all to offer tourists who prefer exotic and unique things.

The Best Time to Visit Kerala

Kerala is a marvelous destination to visit year round but the best time of year is considered to be from October to April. It’s because the weather during this time is milder. However, note that it is also the busiest season as many travelers visit it, especially from December to February.

A lot of people also claim that monsoon season is the best time (this is from June until August) as there are fewer tourists and waterfalls look extra impressive. Monsoon season is also believed to be perfect for Ayurvedic therapies because the pores of the skin open during the rainy season. However, if you plan to view elephants then hotter months like March and April are the best.

Kerala is worth visiting no matter the season, so if you have a desire then hurry up to buy your ticket and book your traveling.

Is Visiting Kerala Safe?

You will feel incredibly safe if you visit Kerala. All Keralans are friendly, respectful and welcome tourists with pleasure. A convenient way of traveling around this region is booking a taxi. Here every hotel is happy to help you book a car with a driver. So if you prefer comfort and want safety then you will certainly have a great experience in Kerala.

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